Pulsar DR laser receiver

Nestle, simple, robust receiver with display on both sides, Manual receiver for all rotation lasers with red laser beam in the visible area, The receiver has an integrated horizontal and vertical bubble in order to align it quickly and precisely, easy to use, The laser beam indicator can be read on both the front and the rear, the audible tone and the LED indicator specify the direction in which the laser beam must be moved, The tone can be switched off,technical data:receiver for: red laser beam, weight: 460 g, accuracy: ± 2 mm / ± 1 mm,dimensions: 210 mm x 160 mm x 90 mm, receiving range: 42 mm, working range: Ø 500 m,delivery includes: PULSAR DR and bracket

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16816000 4033931947171 1 1
ø 500 m
Article no: 16816000 | EAN-Nr. 4033931947171
ø 500 m
Packaging unit: 1
Minimum order amount: 1
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